It’s a Wheel Steal!

by Meghan O’Neal

It’s springtime in Bozeman, which means Bozemanites everywhere are putting away the ski gear and dusting off the old bikes—or if you aren’t lucky enough to possess wheels of your own, wishing you had an old bike to dust off. If you’re looking to trade in your old bike for something fancier, or if you want a new, inexpensive ride,now is the time to make those dreams come true.
Bike Swap
The annual Gallatin Valley Bike Club Bike Swap is happening this Saturday, April 20, at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds. Drop off your used gear on Friday between 4-7pm; there is a $1.00 consignment fee per item, and 15% of the sale goes to the Gallatin Valley Bike Club, a local non-profit which works to provide activities for cyclists around Bozeman. An appraiser will be available to help price your gear. Sale hours on Saturday are 8-9am for volunteers and Gallatin Valley Bike Club members only, 9-11:45am for the public, and 12-1pm for the discount sale period. Whether you want to purchase a bike at a ridiculously low price, or need to get rid of old gear, the bike swap is an event you don’t want to miss. Contact [email protected] for more information.
Want an inexpensive bike while supporting a local cause? The Bozeman Bike Kitchen devotes itself to providing simple transportation to all members of the Bozeman community. Bozeman hosts a thriving bike culture, and the Bike Kitchen believes that everyone in Bozeman deserves a bike. The organization fixes old bikes and gives them away to those who need them. Donations, old bikes and parts, and volunteers are always welcome. Bike Kitchen volunteers work for free bikes and parts, depending on how many hours they put in. Some bikes are also available for sale. The Bozeman Bike Kitchen is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-8pm, and they can be reached at 852-2096.
If neither one of these deals work for you, there is always the trusty thrift store. Bozeman has a plethora of these bargain meccas scattered around town, and you’re sure to find a steal of a deal for your new-used wheels. Second Wind Sports provides gently used sporting goods at reasonable prices. Pawn Depot/Nu2u also provides good finds. It may take some digging, but when you find a deal here, you’ll feel like you’re stealing. Their selection changes daily, so if you don’t find what you need today, be sure to check back later!
Whether you’re a poor college student or a strong member of the community who wishes to give a little of your time, Bozeman offers a variety of awesome bike deals and donations. Join the barrage of Bozeman bikers and steal some wheel deals today!


Quick Credits

Campus on a warm summer day

Four reasons to stay in school this summer
by Sarah Canfield

Most college students cringe when they hear the words “summer” and “school” in the same sentence. Summer break is, after all, a break—time to chill out and forget about the demanding load of schoolwork from the past year. But before you decide to sleep in and screw off for three months, allow me to explain how earning a few extra credits this summer may be a good idea after all—and how it’s not nearly as unpleasant a prospect as it seems right now.

Nature: the original classroom

1) MSU’s summer session offers unique and interesting courses, many of which integrate extensive field time into the curriculum. Geology, botany, and fish & wildlife management are just a few classes that offer academic credit and immersion in southwest Montana’s natural environment—which is one of the reasons you chose Montana State, right?

Recovery is possible

2)  Spend a little too much time on the slopes this winter? Use summer classes to bolster your grade-point before fall semester rolls around. With a little dedication, in a scant six weeks you can restore that parent-approved GPA you enjoyed before your wayward attempt to minor in skiing.

3) Plan to stay in town and work? Maybe, but maybe not -Bozeman’s the fastest growing city in Montana and the job market is tight. Consider opting out of the seasonal job searches and take the fast track to a degree (and a real job). Taking just a couple classes each summer session can bump that spring graduation to fall. This would conveniently allow you to have a degree under your belt—or should we say helmet—right about the time the chairlifts at Bridger and Big Sky start running.
Summertime and the livin’ is easy
4) Fall semester can be hectic, especially your first couple years. Taking a few choice credits in the summer can ease you into the academic environment more slowly, improve your study skills, and give you a jumpstart on fall coursework. Campus is less crowded and there’s a laid-back vibe that makes the whole process that much more tolerable.


Takin’ A Break

by Meghan O’Neal

Upcoming finals mean endless days in the library pulling your hair out, subsisting primarily on energy drinks and protein bars, and attempting to keep it all together as you pull your third all-nighter this semester. With insanity ready to take hold at any moment, you must never underestimate the power of a quick study break. Try out these quick and easy study breaks within walking distance from campus that afford sure-fire cures to the study blues and bring you back to the grind with new motivation.

Procrastinator Theatre
Living up to its name, the Procrastinator provides inexpensive entertainment for a quick respite. Missed a movie in the theaters? This theater, located on the second floor of the SUB, usually shows films recently released to DVD at only $2 a ticket. Films are played daily (except Wednesdays) at 6:30 and 9pm. Call 994-5827 for show listings.

You don’t have to go far to ease your studying pain. Pop on down to the first floor of the SUB to enjoy a game of billiards, bowling, or shuffleboard with a few of your friends. Or, kick back and watch a show on one of their big-screen TVs. You can also rent a Play Station 3 by the hour. Hanging with a few of your peeps with some friendly competition will take your mind off the books for a while, and after an hour the stack of homework won’t seem so daunting.

Hosaeus Fitness Center

Exercise fuels mental activity, so if you find yourself in a study rut, MSU’s fitness center offers a wonderful way to rid yourself of excess energy and give your noggin a rest. With so many activities to choose from, such as a climbing wall, racquetball, ping pong, basketball courts, a swimming pool, exercise machines, and more, both workout junkies and those less inclined towards intense exercise (myself included) will find something that suits their fancy.

Museum of the Rockies

A study break does not always mean a break from learning. Be sure to check out the new Taylor Planetarium at the Museum of the Rockies. With state-of-the-art technology, the recently renovated Planetarium brings their celestial productions to a higher level. You can also visit rotating exhibits such as the current Rainforest Adventure (through May 5), or enjoy old favorites, like the Siebel Dinosaur Complex. 

Hike Peets Hill
As spring rolls around, it becomes more and more difficult to remain inside and attempt to put a dent in the schoolwork load. So, why should you? Bozeman offers a variety of quick hikes and trails in town! Just a quick walk off-campus, hiking Peets Hill presents an easy little jaunt and rewards hikers a beautiful view of Bozeman. Drop the books and enjoy the teasing sunny spring days Bozeman sporadically provides. The directions are easy enough; continue east on Grant (in front of the SUB) until you reach the trailhead located at Grant and Willson.