Bozeman Brewed

Matching mood and brewery.

by Morgan Solomon

Every now and then it’s good to treat yourself and some friends to a beer. But not just any old Bud-like brewskie from the Loaf ‘N Jug— I’m talking about a tasty, one-of-a-kind microbrew that quenches your thirst and satisfies your taste buds .  Lucky for us, Bozeman has several craft breweries, each with its own atmosphere and brewing style—so there’s something for every attraction and taste. Here’s one beer enthusiast’s guide to find what you’re looking for this winter season.

Comfy & Cozy
Located on the northeast side of town, Bozeman Brewing Company‘s tasting room and bar is a small, intimate establishment where you can sit back and enjoy a conversation—although you may have to  nudge noses to hear each other on a busy Friday night. You’ll find born-and-bred Bozemanites lining the bar chatting about the epic ski conditions or the killer lines they rode that morning . As for BBC’s beer, they have a variety of hops, malt, barley, and wheat combinations, but are best known for their Bozone Amber—a smooth, revitalizing beer that perfectly balances hops, barley, and malt.

Author’s choice: The Bozone Hefeweizen is a refreshingly light, unfiltered beer that brings a fruity taste to the table. I’ve heard people say they taste anything from cherries to bananas—I personally taste the bananas.

Bozeman Brewing Company's local scene

Bozeman Brewing Company’s local scene

Variable Vibes

Bozeman’s northern-most brewery, the 406 Brewing Company, is a nuevo-rustic joint with benches retrofitted from beams that  held up the Lehrkind’s Brewery before prohibition. This brewery has some irregular vibes, ranging from a quiet place to get some work done to a lively dance floor with a backdrop of local music. The beer is just as variable as the atmosphere, but you’ll always find a variety of lagers and American ales to satisfy a plethora of tastes.

Author’s choice: The JAMber Ale is a simple amber beer that doesn’t overpower you with sweetness or bitterness. I often think of vanilla or caramel after my first sip.

Golden hues make this beer look pretty tasty

Its golden color makes 406′s Hop Punch IPA  look pretty tasty

Loud & Lively
Ah, my favorite: Bridger Brewing. Recently established, this brewery arguably makes the best-tasting beer in the valley—and it’s right next to campus. Although they’re known for their hoppy IPAs and Pale Ales—not to mention their pizza—Bridger offers several rotators and seasonal options. Its prime location makes it easy to wind down after a full day of classes or to meet up with friends to discuss the grueling chemistry test you just finished. Open seven days a week, this brewery is never empty and hosts a slew of musicians to satisfy those who enjoy a band with their beer.

Author’s choice: The Antilogy Black IPA is a dark beer with a hoppy side that fronts the rest of its flavor. It has a strong lemony aroma with a smooth aftertaste.

Try Bridger Brewing's top selling beer, the Vigilante

Try Bridger Brewing’s top-selling beer, the Vigilante IPA

Out of the Ordinary
To bring something new to your palate, head on over to the Lockhorn Cider House for some handcrafted hard cider. A friendly establishment on the east end of downtown, Lockhorn offers several flavors of cider, but those with a sweet-tooth beware: this cider is in its purest and simplest form—no unnecessary sugar added. As you sip your cider, enjoy the twang, pang, and strum of local musicians in the foyer most Wednesday and Thursday nights. Oh, and don’t forget to try their hot cider outside by the patio fireplace.

Author’s Choice: The Ginger Cider blends the spice of ginger and the tart, yet sweet side of an apple together into one drink— it will satisfy just about all your taste buds.

Lockhorn's Ginger Cider ready to drink

Lockhorn’s Ginger Cider ready to drink