If you’ve got the dough, Bozeman’s mall, plazas, and bazaar of  downtown shops will provide. Even if you’re strapped for cash, there are plenty of second-hand shops in the area to fulfill your wishes. Here’s a rundown of some nifty-thrifty shops you can find in town.

Sacks Thrift Stores
With locations in Bozeman and Belgrade, Sacks offers a wide selection of clothes, books, jewelry, antiques, and house wares. Hone your scavenger skills during the half-price Saturday, which is every Saturday in Belgrade and the first Saturday of the month in Bozeman.

Head West
A Western resale-clothing store in the heart of Downtown, Head West carries vintage boots, bags, buckles, jackets, dresses, and more. Everything is in good condition, organized, and easy to find. They also carry new inventory, so your get the best of both worlds.

This store is a local Plato’s Closet—sell your gently used clothes and pick up great finds on the neatly organized racks. The Catwalk‘s brand-name clothes, shoes, and accessories are in good condition, and they have a special section with kooky costumes.

Nu2u Thrift
A self proclaimed “thrift superstore,” Nu2u is more than just catchy text-message shorthand. It’s enormous—full of furniture, décor, and a whole upstairs section dedicated to vintage clothing. It’s the go-to store for new and used costumes with tons of accessories and a wide selection of outfits. If you know what you’re looking for and you have some time on your hands, you’re almost certain to find it here.

Bozeman’s newest thrift store, the Easter Seal—Goodwill is a national program that’s been helping with medical expenses and employing adults for over 60 years. This discount superstore offers a huge selection of clothes, décor, shoes, and more. When you shop here you’re getting more than a great deal; you’re helping the community.

Second Hand Rose
Rose‘s is a little-known gem of a thrift store, located in the basement of the Bozeman Senior Center. It has weird hours and an even weirder location, but  the second-hand treasures can be priceless. Some of their specialties include fabrics, tools, décor, and books.

Re-Couture Boutique
This consignment boutique offers high-end designer clothes, shoes, accessories, and furniture, featuring brands like Marc Jacobs, Citizen of Humanity, and Burberry. Their inventory is in great condition and the prices can’t be beat. Re-Courture Boutique is the place to treat yourself to a pair of boots without taking out a loan.


Get your gear and get outside.

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