ScholarshipThe cost of school can be astronomical, and the prospect of repaying loans for the next 20 years can be a deterrent to finishing school. But with every college offering scholarship opportunities— as well as privately funded scholarships—the options are there for motivated students to make college more affordable.

McNair Scholarship
Students are eligible for the McNair Scholarship program
if they’re from a low-income household, the first person from their family to go to college, or an underrepresented minority. Students must have 60 credits before the summer session starts and a minimum GPA of 2.75. McNair scholars receive free summer-session classes, a faculty mentor, and a fee waiver for grad school. Scholars work on a research program and have paid travel expenses to attend conferences with mentors.

College of Agriculture
With a single application, you can apply for over 100 scholarships— the College of Agriculture has the interests of student’s time and money in mind. Details are listed on the Ag website.

College of Arts & Architecture
Each division and department of this college offers different scholarship opportunities. For info, check out the Architecture, Art, Film & Photography, and Music department websites.

College of Education, Health & Human Development
Scholarships are based on a student’s year in school. With over 26 options for current freshmen, the opportunities are plentiful. Applications are due in January and require two recommendations—so get to know your professors.

College of Engineering
The College of Engineering offers 27 non-need-based scholarships, ten need- based scholarships, and seven for underrepresented minority students (including women). The program gave away over $500,000 in funding last year, so it’s worth checking out.

College of Letters and Science
The largest college on campus gives out three year-long scholarships to entering students and transfer students. The application process is simple, and each department also offers specialized scholarships. From majors in Agricultural Economics to Sociology, chances are there’s something for you.

University Studies
This program offers merit- based scholarships. Students can apply if they have completed at least two semesters and 27 credits at MSU, are enrolled in University Studies, and have a cumulative GPA of 3.5
or better. Athena scholars have the same requirements, except they need only 24 credits and must be female.