Off the Ski Hill

becky wideCan’t afford to pay big bucks at the ski slopes? There’s still plenty of ways to fall in love with winter in town. 

Whether you’re careening down ice-slopes in Bozeman or bouncing over bumps in the surrounding forests, there are plenty of places to slide around.

  •  Peets Hill – Bring your first-aid kit and prepare to get airborne. Look for the big hill on S. Church, kitty-cornered to Bogert Park.
  • Snowfill Recreation Area – This off-leash dog area also has sledding and Nordic skiing. It’s on McIlhattan Rd, past the East Gallatin Recreation Area.
  • Lindley Center – Perfect for mellow sledders and kids. Park off Ellis St. on the east side of Highland Blvd., north of the hospital.

Ice Skating
The City of Bozeman builds and maintains three ice rinks; opening and closing dates depend on weather. Call 582-2905 for hours and other info.

  • Bogert Park – S. Church, just a few blocks from downtown.
  • Southside Park – College and 5th, just down the road from the Pickle Barrel.
  • Beall Park – Black and Villard, on Bozeman’s northeast side.

XC Skiing
The options for kicking and gliding are nearly endless around these parts.

  • Highland and Lindley Park – Great for after class or when you need a break from studying. Park off Ellis St. on the east side of Highland Blvd.
  • Bozeman Creek – Expect company here; this trail is often groomed and it’s only seven miles south of town. Turn onto Nash Rd. from either S. 19th or Sourdough and then head south on Sourdough Canyon Rd to the parking lot.
  • Hyalite Canyon – Miles of possibilities here, but make sure the road is plowed (call the Forest Service at 522-2520). To get there, head south on S. 19th, turn left on Hyalite Canyon Rd. and head into the canyon. The trails are everywhere, so have a map handy.

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